3.4 【英语美文】《赴爱之约》别只爱我的容貌 Appointment With Love

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Appointment With Love

-by Sulamith Ish-Kishor


3.4 【英语美文】《赴爱之约》别只爱我的容貌 Appointment With Love


Sulamith Ish-kishor(1896年- 1977年6月23日)



姐姐Judith Ish-kishor是犹太儿童英语文学的先驱作家。







“If your feeling for me had no reality, what I look like won't matter”; a beautiful sentence from a letter to lieutenant Blandford, written by miss Hollis Meynell. They never met in real life, but got to know each other very well through writing each other letters while he was far away on the battlefield. He got to know her address by borrowing a book from the army library, which had her notes and address in it. Her notes enchanted him, so he took up his pen and wrote her. She replied, and from then onwards their exchange of letters continued endlessly. Since they started writing each other, she became his comfort in times he feared for life. She became his beacon of light when everything else seemed drenched in the darkness of wars he fought. She was not looking for superficial love; love based on attraction to beauty that fades. Nor was she interested in love based on the fear of being lonely, or worse: on the fear of boredom. Would he give her what she desired? Would he be truly as suitable a match as his letters made her think? A test was needed to find out…


3.4 【英语美文】《赴爱之约》别只爱我的容貌 Appointment With Love

1. Six minutes to six, said the clock over the information boothin New York's Grand Central Station. The tall young Army officer lifted his sunburned face and narrowedhis eyes to note the exact time. His heart was pounding with a beat that chokedhim. In six minutes he would see the woman who had filled such a special place in his life for the past 18 months, the woman he had never seen yet whose words had sustained him unfailingly.


2. He was going to hear her voice now. Four minutes to six. A girl passed closer to him, andLt. Blandford started. She was wearing a flower, but it was not the little red rose they had agreed upon. Besides, this girl was only about 18, and Hollis Meynell had told him she was 30. "What of it?"he had answered, "I'm 32." He was 29.


Information booth (noun)


Narrowed(verb, from: to narrow)


Choked(verb, from: to choke)


Sustained (verb, from: to sustain)

英 /sə'steɪnd/ 美 /sə'stend/ 维持


Unfailingly (adv.) /ʌn'felɪŋli/




What of it?(expression)



3. His mind went back to that book - the book the Lord Himself must have put into his hands out of the hundreds of Army library books sent to the Florida training camp. Throughout the book were notes in a woman's writing. He had always hated that writing-in-habit, but these remarks were different. He had never believed that a woman could see into a man's heart so tenderly, so understandingly. Her name was on thebookplate: Hollis Meynell. He had got hold of a New York City telephone book and found her address. He had written, she had answered. Next day he had been shipped out,but they had gone on writing.